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A Letter from the President (Emeritus)

posted Nov 26, 2011, 6:11 PM by Joseph DiLallo   [ updated Jun 12, 2014, 7:58 PM by Bird Sanctuary ]
A special message to all friends, new and old

For over 15 years, you’ve received news about the innovative Garden City
Bird Sanctuary – a community based nature preserve managed by volunteers
to provide opportunities for everyone. You’ve been invited to enjoy a walk
along the trails, sit on a bench and relax, learn about birds, plants, nature, and
photography or to participate in many activities, including gardening, scout
programs, and festivals. Articles and photos about our site activities have
frequently been in the media and on-line. Many of you have supported this
non-profit organization with donations, volunteer services, materials, and extra
financial help. Many people and groups have become members, and several
have made a welcomed commitment to become life members.

Thanks to your support, we have truly been making “sump-thing” positive
happen with the Nassau County stormwater basin in our community. The
Bird Sanctuary is flourishing, and in 2010 we opened the first section of the
new Arboretum as well as installed an engineered ‘wetland’ area to enhance
the site. These improvements have been the result concentrated efforts by
a good number of people. The work continues, but to ensure the long term
sustainability of the organization, some changes are necessary.

We have a new President and several new Board of Directors members to help
continue the progress. You may recognize the names, and I hope you will
extend to them the friendship and support you have shown me over the years.
Both the ‘Garden City Bird Sanctuary’ and ‘Alvey Arboretum’ are integral
parts of the new designation as the ‘Tanners Pond Environmental Center’. An
added aspect is an additional concentration on environmental and ecological
research. Educational institutions, businesses, members and organizations
are being asked to support these worthy efforts so we have sufficient financial
resources to enable necessary and significant capital improvements be made.
Your membership and the contributions you provide are important and have a
great collective value.

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to lead this organization for the past 15
years, and I am confident that our progress will continue to benefit Long Island,
our community and the wildlife. Our membership form for 2012 is on the
back of this letter, and an introductory brochure on volunteer opportunities is
enclosed. We look forward to your continued support.

Rob Alvey
President – Emeritus
November 2011