The American Chestnut Tree - About the Project

Currently, the American Chestnut trees planted at the Garden City Environmental Center were tended for by Elena Fernández, a Girl Scout from Garden City for her Gold Award project.  The Gold Award, if you are not aware of it, is the highest honor that a Girl Scout Ambassador or Senior can earn.
   Her project is titled Return of a Giving Tree-- The American Chestnut, and her main idea is to bring back the American Chestnut Trees to our area and educate the community about the tree itself.  She obtained saplings from a grower, planted them and/or tended for them, and developed a curriculum to educate the community about the tree. She has been working on her project since winter of 2015 and plans to finish within late October of fall 2015. 
  Her blog explains more about the process which she followed in growing these trees and her journey along the way: